YogaHands™ — Now Available at

YogaToes® enthusiasts have been asking us to develop something for hands for years now. Thinking of all the people who suffer from hand pain, the idea made perfect sense to us. After many months at the drawing board, YogaPro is now pleased to announce the release of YogaHands™! Our newest therapy device offers revolutionary care for painful, tight, cramping hands.



YogaHands™ are perfect for:

  • Computer/Office workers
  • Equipment operators
  • Writers
  • Teachers
  • Skilled trades man
  • Construction workers
  • Beauty Professionals
  • Massage Therapists
  • Chefs & Restaurant workers
  • Auto, truck, cycle operators
  • Sport men & women
  • Gardeners/Landscapers
  • Healthcare workers
  • Cashiers
  • Musicians



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