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Incredible Feet Feat For Seventh-Generation Wallenda

Nick Wallenda, a daredevil with family acrobatic ties all the way back to 18th Century Central Europe, crossed a gorge near the Grand Canyon – on a 2-inch-thick cable 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River.
Our hats go off to the fella… This writer almost couldn’t watch it, knowing that there was no net underneath. And the wind! If you haven’t seen it, we’ve got a little clip below. WARNING: You may need to take a shower directly afterwards!


Let’s Get Wallenda Some YogaToes®!

Mr. Wallenda probably has fit feet already. But, we’d still love to supply this funambulist with some YogaToes®.  Been tweeting him about how he keeps his feet fit, no luck yet. Even came up with this little hashtag, #funambulistfeet. Let’s all egg him on to try YogaToes® and ask for any tightrope walker foot health secrets. So, tweet @NikWallenda and tell him about your experience with YogaToes!


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FitOldDog Blogger Shares Great YogaToes Video From Contiuum Teacher

Our triathlete friend FitOldDog has just posted a great video about YogaToes by Rebecca, his Continuum and Dance teacher. She gives a great overview of how YogaToes work and how to use them safely. Some 50 years ago FitOldDog hurt his right ankle pretty badly in a motorcycle accident. For years he had to buy two different sized shoes (a smaller size for his right foot) due to the shortening of his foot by the accident. He believes the stretching from YogaToes has widened and lengthened his right foot back into harmony with his left foot. We won’t argue with that! We’ve asked FitOldDog to share more of his experiences and routines in an upcoming post here at the YogaToes Blog. Stay tuned!


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Happy Mother’s Day from YogaToes

Moms definitely deserve our love, compassion and appreciation.

Moms are responsible for how we come to place our two feet on this good earth – that is no small task. In 2010, for 9 amazing months my wife and I experienced the awesome anticipation parents-in-waiting get to feel. Everyday for the past 1.5 years I have watched my wife and daughter embody the indescribable bond between mother and child. Moms oversee all our steps from being a newborn to our own role as a parent. Words fall short in attempting to convey the life miracle of motherhood. It’s not hard to see that the relationship between mother and child exceeds all reference to it. Motherhood is the minute by minute never ending body and soul bond. It begins before birth and continues after passing. Motherhood is recognizable in a mother’s touch and smile. Motherhood kindly humbles the best of fathers in an instant. Mother’s Day is a great day to place your appreciation at a mother’s feet and to celebrate and be thankful for the mothers in our life.

We wish you and all moms everywhere a great Mother’s Day.

– Frederic Ferri



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“Dear Mom” Mother’s Day Gift Set And Contest – Visit

YogaPro Mother's Day Gift Set

This Mother’s Day YogaPro is offering a unique gift set for only $49.95 (price includes shipping). Gift set includes one pair of YogaToes, deluxe massagers, purifying spray, foot & hand salve and a foot file. Get the leading lady in your life a present that will soothe and massage her achy feet. Order the Dear Mom Gift Set now so it’ll at her door step by Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Contest

From now until May 4th, we’ll be collecting your foot-related Dear Mom letters. We will choose the best five on May 5th. Winners win a Dear Mom Gift Set. See more details at

foot health YogaPro News

Keep the Expositions and Shows Comin’!

Thank you to everyone whYogaToes bootho came out to the West Michigan Women’s Expo in Grand Rapids and the Mid Michigan Women’s Show in Lansing! We had a great time spending time with you and helping you find a pair of perfectly fitted YogaToes.

Since Yoga Toes are generally only offered at, expositions are a great way for us to meet customers face-to-face. We love getting immediate feedback and giving foot health advice to attendees. In fact, we had such a great time in Grand Rapids and Lansing, we’ve reserved space at three upcoming expositions and fairs!

International Women’s Show – Novi, MI (April 28th to May 1st)

Green Street Fair – Plymouth, MI (May 6th to 8th)

Living Green Festival – Rochester, MI (May 13th to 15th)

Come out and see us. Admission tickets are reasonably priced and available at the door. We’ll be offering special Mother’s Day gift sets that you’ll certainly want to pick up for your mom. She deserves it!

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