Digital Illustrator for The Hobbit Finds Carpal Tunnel Relief


When your hands hurt, you’ve got a problem. No one knows this better than Mike “Daarken” Lim, a freelance digital illustrator who’s worked on video games such as The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, World of Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering.

Both Mike and his wife (a metal jeweler) are artists. In the middle of successful careers, these two are feeling the side effects that come with the intricate art they produce. And Mike’s been searching for relief.

Mike put up a great video about carpal tunnel syndrome and the various gadgets he’s used over the years to fight it. There was just one thing missing from the video: YogaHands. So, we offered to send him a pair to say thank you for speaking his mind so well. 

To our great pleasure, Daarken did a write-up about his experience with YogaHands. Here’s a little excerpt:

If you don’t already know, I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and cubital tunnel syndrome in my left arm. I work digitally, so the repetitive movements really put a strain on my wrists.

I also have clinodactyly, or at least that is what I believe it is called, in my right hand. My Mom has it as well. What I have noticed is that my little finger has been hurting a lot this past year.

After using YogaHands for a few minutes, the pain in my little finger was reduced significantly. I didn’t even expect YogaHands to help with the pain in my little finger.

I wanted to make sure the pain reduction was due to YogaHands and not because of a reduced workload, so I waited until today when there was a lot of pain. Again, a few minutes after using YogaHands the pain was gone. It is actually quite impressive how much YogaHands has helped.


Non-Invasive Carpal Tunnel Relief

We recommend conservative measures for carpal tunnel relief, like rest from the keyboard throughout the day and of course, stretching with YogaHands. Certain herbs and NSAID’s can help in the short term. We’re well aware of more invasive treatments, like cortisone injections and carpal tunnel release surgery. It’s always best to speak to your health care provider, but wouldn’t you want to give non-invasive treatments a fair shot? Cortisone injections have been know to discolor pigment in skin (sometimes it comes back, sometimes not). Carpal tunnel release surgery can be out-patient, but man alive, does it look painful.

Thanks again to Daarken for a nice write-up. Be sure to check out his artwork and digital painting advice at

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