Incredible Feet Feat For Seventh-Generation Wallenda

Nick Wallenda, a daredevil with family acrobatic ties all the way back to 18th Century Central Europe, crossed a gorge near the Grand Canyon – on a 2-inch-thick cable 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River.
Our hats go off to the fella… This writer almost couldn’t watch it, knowing that there was no net underneath. And the wind! If you haven’t seen it, we’ve got a little clip below. WARNING: You may need to take a shower directly afterwards!


Let’s Get Wallenda Some YogaToes®!

Mr. Wallenda probably has fit feet already. But, we’d still love to supply this funambulist with some YogaToes®.  Been tweeting him about how he keeps his feet fit, no luck yet. Even came up with this little hashtag, #funambulistfeet. Let’s all egg him on to try YogaToes® and ask for any tightrope walker foot health secrets. So, tweet @NikWallenda and tell him about your experience with YogaToes!


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