From NYC to Los Angeles — People Love Their YogaToes

Sia at the Met

The last several weeks have been very exciting for us. And we couldn’t be more grateful!

First, Sue Falsone, the head athletic trainer for the L.A. Dodgers, recommended the use of YogaToes in an article in The Oprah Magazine. Falsone explains that, “stretching foot fascia releases tension all the way up your legs”. How very true. Good foot health goes beyond the feet. Healthy feet mean healthy legs. These parts all connect you to the earth. If they are in pain or out of alignment, you’re asking for trouble.

We’d also like to congratulate Sue Falsone for being the first female Head Athletic Trainer on a pro sports team!

Second, we found out that the popular singer Sia loves YogaToes. She uses them to fight her “bunsies” (bunions). Sia collaborates with some of the biggest artists in the world and is even building a new recording studio. No wonder her feet are dead tired at the end of the day. We sent a care package to her in New York and even included our newest gadget, YogaHands.

Third, we were elated to hear that many of the Washington Ballet performers use YogaToes to strengthen their feet. What an honor! I can’t think of any person that depends on their toes as much as a ballerina. Check out a few pictures of them wearing YogaToes backstage.

Finally, YogaToes were featured on a pain relief segment of the new Ricki Lake Show on October 26th. We all remember the more sensationalist Ricki back in the 2000’s. No hair pulling or name calling on her new show. Instead, Ricki is focusing on wellness, health and personal journeys. A clip of the segment led by Ricki’s lifestyle specialist Yvette Mar is below. One of the audience members is noted for her very approving nod. We love to see fans supporting our products!


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