FitOldDog Blogger Shares Great YogaToes Video From Contiuum Teacher

Our triathlete friend FitOldDog has just posted a great video about YogaToes by Rebecca, his Continuum and Dance teacher. She gives a great overview of how YogaToes work and how to use them safely. Some 50 years ago FitOldDog hurt his right ankle pretty badly in a motorcycle accident. For years he had to buy two different sized shoes (a smaller size for his right foot) due to the shortening of his foot by the accident. He believes the stretching from YogaToes has widened and lengthened his right foot back into harmony with his left foot. We won’t argue with that! We’ve asked FitOldDog to share more of his experiences and routines in an upcoming post here at the YogaToes Blog. Stay tuned!


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    FitOldDog Blogger Shares Great YogaToes Video From Contiuum Teacher We made it to the Yoga Toes website! -k (FitOldDog)

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