YogaToes. We’re big in Europe. Well, at least in Austria and Germany.

We’ve been selling YogaToes® for nearly 10 years now. Our product has been picked up by all sorts of media in the USA. But, recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of European magazines feature our feisty bunion busters.

The German edition of the fashion magazine Grazia as well as Austrian lifestyle magazine Gesünder Leben have both written articles about YogaToes. And we couldn’t be more happy to share magazine space with traditional German staples like Hedi Klum and lederhosen (cover of Gesünder Leben).

It just goes to show that all over the world people want to take better care of their feet, especially after they’ve been crammed into tight pumps all day (Grazia calls YogaToes “High-Heel Training”). So, go on Heidi! Don’t be afraid to slip on a pair and let your High-Heel Training begin.

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