Happy Mother’s Day from YogaToes

Moms definitely deserve our love, compassion and appreciation.

Moms are responsible for how we come to place our two feet on this good earth – that is no small task. In 2010, for 9 amazing months my wife and I experienced the awesome anticipation parents-in-waiting get to feel. Everyday for the past 1.5 years I have watched my wife and daughter embody the indescribable bond between mother and child. Moms oversee all our steps from being a newborn to our own role as a parent. Words fall short in attempting to convey the life miracle of motherhood. It’s not hard to see that the relationship between mother and child exceeds all reference to it. Motherhood is the minute by minute never ending body and soul bond. It begins before birth and continues after passing. Motherhood is recognizable in a mother’s touch and smile. Motherhood kindly humbles the best of fathers in an instant. Mother’s Day is a great day to place your appreciation at a mother’s feet and to celebrate and be thankful for the mothers in our life.

We wish you and all moms everywhere a great Mother’s Day.

– Frederic Ferri



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