Me Oh My! Steven Tyler’s Twisted Toes Need Help!

In 2001, Steven Tyler was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year, he’s a nominee for induction into the YogaToes’ Hall of Foot Pain. No one wants to “Walk His Way”!

Steven’s tangled toes have been crammed and jammed so much that they have crossed; his second toe now rests on top of his big toe. Crossed toes, Bunions and Morton’s Neuroma are part of our nominee’s mangled mix. Although YogaToes doesn’t own the rights to the highly ogled photos of Steven’s tortured tootsies, they can be seen HERE . Or just Google “Steven Tyler’s foot”.

Steven Tyler in Concert - pic bt SongLyricsSteven’s toes, as is true of most everyone’s, started out healthy until they got squeezed in and jammed up. Bunions, Crossed Toes, Hammer Toes, and Morton’s Neuroma all result from an oppressive amount of time in shoes! We don’t blame Steven because virtually no one gave a hoot about conditioning their feet and naturally busting bunions until 2003 when YogaToes were introduced. YogaToes are a barefoot conditioning product that provides alignment, stretching, strengthening, relaxation – exercise AND therapy.

Why hasn’t anyone told Steven about YogaToes yet?
What about his podiatrist? Personal trainer? Massage therapist? Or pedicurist ? They all should have introduced him to them! But the pivotal question is, now, who is getting YogaToes for Steven?

We are waiting and worrying about Steven and his tabloid targeted toes.
If you’ve got a good contact for Steven, let us know!  We will get him the right Yogatoes for those frightening feet and that will assuredly put you among our finalists for the annual YogaToes Good Foot Samaritan awards.

If Steven reads our blog’s archives, he’ll see how toe alignment and maintaining strong, flexible, balanced foot muscles will help, no matter what stage of pain his feet are in. Plus, we invite him to give us a call for some personal pointers and a proper fit.

To Steven, it would be a giant surprise if there were anything wrong with your feet or toes when you were a youngster. We’d bet a dozen YogaToes on that! Almost everyone is born with, practically speaking, perfect feet. Moreover, who’s ever seen ugly toes on a baby?  Perfect little feet don’t get messed up over night. It takes a lot of non-barefoot time, and not surprisingly it takes time to reverse the torment. But, its faster than you would think!  (Orthodontic braces don’t straighten teeth out over night either)

Check our upcoming blog to for the next celebrated soul up for a YogaToes Hall of Foot Pain nomination.

Rock on Steven, we love ya and it is so YogaToes time for you!!





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  • May 10, 2012 - 5:57 PM | Permalink ohhh Steven Tyler's poor toes. Can somebody get this fella a pair of YogaToes ??

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