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YogaPro Mother's Day Gift Set

This Mother’s Day YogaPro is offering a unique gift set for only $49.95 (price includes shipping). Gift set includes one pair of YogaToes, deluxe massagers, purifying spray, foot & hand salve and a foot file. Get the leading lady in your life a present that will soothe and massage her achy feet. Order the Dear Mom Gift Set now so it’ll at her door step by Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Contest

From now until May 4th, we’ll be collecting your foot-related Dear Mom letters. We will choose the best five on May 5th. Winners win a Dear Mom Gift Set. See more details at YogaPro.com.

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  • April 11, 2012 - 1:43 AM | Permalink

    Dear Mom,

    I have Athlete’s Foot and I’ve tried everything over the counter and cannot get rid of it. Sometimes I wake up at night because they itch so bad.

    Love, your son away at college.

    Mom’s Reply:

    Son…here are 10 things you should have done before you got it.

    Wear something on your feet in any public area that involves people walking in bare feet. Flip-flops, sandals, shoes, water socks, etc.
    Wash your feet well with soap and water after being in said areas.
    Don’t let your feet sit wet for long periods ie. towel dry your feet over air drying them after the shower or pool.
    Wear clean cotton socks every day. Don’t put your old socks on from the day before!
    If your feet sweat a lot, keep an extra pair of socks on hand to swap out mid day or as often as you need to keep your feet dry.
    Wash your cotton socks in HOT water.
    Buy shoes that “breath”. Open-toed foot wear is great. Running shoes with mesh all over are good too.
    Place small amounts of powder in shoes specifically made to keep shoes dry and prevent Athlete’s Foot.
    Leave shoes by a heater vent or in a sunny window. Do anything to make sure they are dry the next time you wear them.
    Don’t share shoes with your friends!

    Love, Mom

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