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LeBronze YogaToes for King James – Contest Results!

We’ve chosen the best tweets, write-in YogaToes stories and blog comments for young King James! Thank you everyone for joining in. Very fun to see the results… If LBJ’s not into it, hey, he’s not into it. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw his (gnarly) feet again soon though, strollin’ South Beach or something.


3 Very Lucky People are getting $100 I-Helped-The-King Visa Gift Cards

Winner #1: Scott wrote into us about his YogaToes experience. The guy’s got 3 pairs now, 2 in his house and 1 for the road. Thanks Scott!

Dear King James –
I used to get cramp-like pains in my toes and feet every day after I turned 50 (I’m now 60). Sometimes at night I would be brought almost to tears! I saw an ad for YogaToes, took a chance and now have 3 pairs (1 in my bedroom, 1 in the TV room and 1 for travel)! I can do my freelance work no problem (I’m a stagehand) – I  also hike, bike and do yoga completely pain free! After the ‘sticky’ mat I think YogaToes are the best yoga prop/accessory ever!

– Scott


Winner #2: Thanks to Roxann for bustin’ out the quirky b-ball stat!


Winner #3: Thanks to John for putting LeBron’s #toewoes into biblical proportions – because that’s how important feet are!


5 Lucky People are Getting Pairs of Original YogaToes

1 more write-in YogaToes story, 3 blog comments and another tweet each won a pair of Original YogaToes!



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Everyone will be contacted shortly!

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Help @KingJames – It’s Toe Important!

We feel for how LeBron’s gnarly feet have turned out. We understand. 

Obviously, we wanna get LeBron into his very own pair of custom YogaToes! And fast!

He (or someone close) should truly give us a call… Wanna help out?


Tweet @KingJames about YogaToes!

Something like: @KingJames talk to @yogatoes. Do it and get over your #toewoes.


THREE people* who respectfully (and creatively) tweet @KingJames about @yogatoes will be chosen to get a $100 I Helped The King Visa Gift Card.


Don’t do the Twitter? No problem. We’re giving away other great things, too! Just leave a comment on this post urging LeBron to try out YogaToes® and you’ll be entered.

  • FIVE people will win a pair of Original YogaToes® and …
  • TEN other people will get exclusive coupon codes good for 50% off at

You don’t need to own a pair of YogaToes® to join in. Just pass the message along to LeBron. So, get at it!


Where are my YogaToes? (Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson / Creative Commons)

*You must follow us on Twitter (in return we’ll follow you) so that we can direct message you if you’ve won. Winners chosen 9/20/13. Coupons have unlimited use and expire 9/30/13. USA + Canada Only. 

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Why 60 Million Dollars Can’t Fix LeBron’s Toe Problems

Everyone’s been weighing in on LeBron’s toe problems [CLICK HERE for pics]. It’s gross (and yes, engrossing). In the end, though, it’s darn tragic. Imagine, over the years, all the “yes men” in his entourage averting their eyes from those ugly southern digits …

What really stands out to us? Tweets about how someone so rich could have such battered feet:

“A man as rich as Lebron has too much money for his feet to be lookin so d**n horrific” @meca424

“Like Lebron has too much money for his feet to be looking like that…TRAGIC” @SydneyDanyelle_

Here’s the truth: (real) health isn’t a purchased turn-key solution. It can only be won with deliberate attention. FEET ARE NO EXCEPTION. And that’s why this tweet struck a chord with us:

All that money n lebron can’t cop new feet….” @xFreddieBlack


Toe Problems Can’t Be Fixed with Cash

LeBron’s feet are past any band-aid, damage control options, like surgery. The recuperation needed for it would ruin his season (or longer). There’s too much on the line for invasive procedures (with their downside risks) to be considered.

$10,000, $1 Million, not even $60 Million could fix LeBron’s toe problems. Good old fashioned exercise and conditioning is what it takes. Yes, we’re always yammerin’ on about it, but until we see more people takin’ heed, we’re gonna keep yammering …

In the end, we wanna help LeBron be his best. What’s more? YogaToes can help his bottom line. Who wants LeBron-branded shoes if you’re gonna end up with LeBron toes?


What’s in those shoes?


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Plantar Fasciitis, Being Mr. October and Preventative Conditioning

The baseball season is a long and mentally tortuous trail. Some players, like our Cabrera, take it in stride – the guy is a smile factory – and others are dead serious all season long. But, temperament aside, one of the things ball players fear most is Plantar Fasciitis.

Equal parts scary and misunderstood (experts now wonder if it’s truly inflammation), Plantar Fasciitis pain can halt a player’s Mr. October* aspirations well before the All-Star Game in July. Evan Longoria just this season was struck down with it in June; not returning to the line-up until a few weeks later and even then, only at half-capacity (as a designated hitter).

A great article by Jeff Pearlman for Sports Illustrated makes light of the “stages” of Plantar Fasciitis. He goes as far as calling it the “most maddening injury in sports”. The “stages” go a little something like this:

  1. Diagnosis and being taken off the line-up
  2. Insistence of return by player and agent
  3. Comes back
  4. Pain worse than ever
  5. Weeks pass
  6. Season in the dumps

Baseball is very much a Battle of Attrition with spurts of greatness. Players gotta be in it for the long haul. Slow and steady is the way to go (slightly above .500 is a decent season). It’s incredible, just as a physical specimen, for a player to even be around after the summer. Then, to be clutch when it counts in post-season, well, you get a nickname like Mr. October.

But, you can bet if Reggie Jackson had had Plantar Fasciitis, history would be different.

Yes, players can sort of “fight” through the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. Albert Pujols, a player with a chronic case, “deals with it”. Eventually, though, the ailment becomes too much to bear. Even with cortisone injections and orthotics. One basketball player for UConn described her Plantar Fasciitis as such: “Sort of the same as someone picking up my foot, grabbing a thick piece of wood and slamming it repeatedly into my sole.” Yikes.

Mr. October hittin’ one out of the park.


So, what’s one sure-fire way to NOT be Mr. October? Neglect your feet.

Feet are at the “end of the” line, so to speak. Distant appendages that we barely think about. Out of sight, out of mind. But, this seeming “outlier” of the body can wreak more havoc than you can imagine.

No doubt professional athletes pay more attention to their feet and legs. They better. However, the amount of misinformation out there is frightening. You can blame it on the general culture of “tech” fixes, miracle drugs and “minimally” (you’re still cutting the person open, right?) invasive treatments. But, it comes down to this: if you’re not taking deliberate care of your feet, you’re really begging for problems. Because when you’re sittin’ in the dugout due to a foot problem (even after being operated on, contorted, cortison-ed, etc.) watching your team compete for the Pennant, you’ll wish you had simply exercised and conditioned your toes and feet. Because that is exactly what is needed.

Here’s the secret: feet need holistic care. Feet and toes want to be at their full potential (eg. injury resilient), but need conditioning and time for recovery just like any other part of the body. Cortisone injections and orthotics are band-aid responses; they pale in comparison to taking proper care of them. And YogaToes® are a terrific asset for doing just that. In fact, the Athletic Trainer for the Dodgers recommends YogaToes® to her players.

Preventative conditioning programs, especially for feet, are the future for baseball and all sports. That is our prediction and we hope all aspiring Mr. Octobers take heed.

*We know Reggie’s the original Mr. October, but let us take a liberty or two …

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Digital Illustrator for The Hobbit Finds Carpal Tunnel Relief


When your hands hurt, you’ve got a problem. No one knows this better than Mike “Daarken” Lim, a freelance digital illustrator who’s worked on video games such as The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, World of Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering.

Both Mike and his wife (a metal jeweler) are artists. In the middle of successful careers, these two are feeling the side effects that come with the intricate art they produce. And Mike’s been searching for relief.

Mike put up a great video about carpal tunnel syndrome and the various gadgets he’s used over the years to fight it. There was just one thing missing from the video: YogaHands. So, we offered to send him a pair to say thank you for speaking his mind so well. 

To our great pleasure, Daarken did a write-up about his experience with YogaHands. Here’s a little excerpt:

If you don’t already know, I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and cubital tunnel syndrome in my left arm. I work digitally, so the repetitive movements really put a strain on my wrists.

I also have clinodactyly, or at least that is what I believe it is called, in my right hand. My Mom has it as well. What I have noticed is that my little finger has been hurting a lot this past year.

After using YogaHands for a few minutes, the pain in my little finger was reduced significantly. I didn’t even expect YogaHands to help with the pain in my little finger.

I wanted to make sure the pain reduction was due to YogaHands and not because of a reduced workload, so I waited until today when there was a lot of pain. Again, a few minutes after using YogaHands the pain was gone. It is actually quite impressive how much YogaHands has helped.


Non-Invasive Carpal Tunnel Relief

We recommend conservative measures for carpal tunnel relief, like rest from the keyboard throughout the day and of course, stretching with YogaHands. Certain herbs and NSAID’s can help in the short term. We’re well aware of more invasive treatments, like cortisone injections and carpal tunnel release surgery. It’s always best to speak to your health care provider, but wouldn’t you want to give non-invasive treatments a fair shot? Cortisone injections have been know to discolor pigment in skin (sometimes it comes back, sometimes not). Carpal tunnel release surgery can be out-patient, but man alive, does it look painful.

Thanks again to Daarken for a nice write-up. Be sure to check out his artwork and digital painting advice at